Hello I Astra one of the co-owners of BloodySkiesofFate.com  and this community and shop is for important updates and further information on our shop. Here we will provide updates on various items, conjures, readings and vettings as well as what we are working to provide the metaphysical community(religious based community) .

Here we go out of our way to embrace everyone and all beings and treat them nice and with care such as one would family and friends. Every consumer is dear to us and we go out of our way to provide excellent service regardless of situation. We try to include all brackets of socioeconomic background and provide everyone the same equal treatment that you all deserve. All energies and beings are beautiful inside and out. I do not see colors or various differences I see your energies and your soul. Every life matters to us. Every being is able to visit and create a bond with their keeper while they wait to be bound to you. We ensure a happy environment and provide love and care to every being so you can have a wonderful experience.  


You can find all shop policies disclaimers and more valuable information in The Book of Fate blog under Important information. Please read this it gives much information about processes and policies. 


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 Please contact us if using anything besides the paypal processor

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