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Albino Snow Children

You're probably looking at this listing and thinking that they're winter-related... Well surprised they are not! These things are actually a unique white arts-based being. When bound to their companion or keeper they're in their Psychology and Physiology as well as their emotional state are also bound to the keeper. This does a couple of things this impacts your endorphins pheromones and your Euphoria glands. This gets into your bloodstream bringing you more happiness laughter horniness and peace. The other way this this can also impact you is if they are ever harmed they use mimicry and transmortification to appear more like a banshee and scream at the top of their lungs.

If they are somewhere else transmortification you by alerting you that you're a member is in danger and you can help pull them out of danger by sending them help. This also is a defense mechanism. It is used to scare away who what who or whatever is trying to harm them. They have such a complex system that no one being has the same gifts as the other. But this is a trait that is unique and they all share. This they tend to use to help with anxiety depression and sadness. This is their way of comforting their companions. They often carry some kind of lantern or light with them to be a beacon of Hope and love in the world. They are entirely white from their hair to their clothes the way you can tell that they're different is each one has a birthmark on their body and they are all different no one has the same marking. They typically tend to have extremely bright eyes. As far as offering so they enjoy you showering them bathing them anointing their bodies with oil and even love their hair to be played with as they typically have extremely long hair. They also like various types of incense and the way it smells. They can use levitation to Glide and Float over things this is a unique trait that is unique to their species. They can do this while fully awake and not in a meditative stands or trance. They're unconditionally loving beings that are great for all levels of experience.