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Amaterasu Attendants

Beautiful attendants of the Sun Goddess from Japanese culture. They bring lights and illumination and en Enlightenment as well as help with ancestral Magic. This may be a v Japanese variety but they can teach it as well if the keeper is open to it however with anything they will expect you to honor their ways and practice the truth and sacredness of their path. Their gifts which can vary from attendant to attendant are often those of light and prosperity and wealth. They're often extremely gorgeous and often plucked from the highest members of society. They're trained and they become about to the goddess through trials and tribulations each female that is successful is able to be a high priestess and help teach the way and light the path for those that wish to join and be empowering to others. These attendance do often tend to be somewhat hyper-sexual and Hyper emotional they do sometimes keep this to themselves as is the traditional way. If you wronged them there were vengeance is Swift and just. Once the goddess cast the whole world Into Darkness because she felt wrong and was surprised.