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Empress angels: are known to have various activities and hobbies as well as various likes just like you and me. Their Specialties include keeping the secrets and telling the truth observers and Watchers of various races they record the written history of lives and keep library's within the akashic records.

Mech: these angels kind of have a Troublesome / sad background they're not bad by any means but there are angels who have for one reason or another become injured and so instead of them not being able to do the job that they love anymore they kind of have a mechanical or steampunk Parts on their bodies. this allowed them to continue doing the job that they love and continue to helping people that's even though them being partially Mech is sad they are not sad and enjoy every moment and live like it's their last.

Sea or Water: Angels govern and watch over all the beings that well and Waters and seas. They protect ocean and all water life and ensure that our water stays clean and fresh. their gifts include anything to do with the element water and anything to do with the nature that dwells within it. This can also include storms that are on water or in water they are perfect for people who love to swim or do any kind of water related extracurriculars.

Gypsy: beautiful beings are empowered with all the gifts of a gypsy and a buffet or angel. They are delightful companions who are excellent guides for prophetic dreams lucid dreaming astral and other Obe experiences. They're Masters at divination and energy healing as well as Kundalini and chakra work. They are known for the accuracy in their work and take pride in this fact. There are male and female of both species and they are usually not sexual with their keepers. They can also be a guardian in times of need and a great supportive being. They are usually of average height and a Slimmer waist and muscle proportion.

Gemstone Angel: These beautiful and astral creatures spend their time in solitude protecting this phenomenal gemstone. They are very beautiful angels and very fragile very delicate like a flower very harmonious and overflowing with love peace and abundance.

Abyss: These angels come straight from the abyss. They must fight to maintain there angelic qualities and most come out a little twisted due to what they go through but they are still pure in the end and want homes.

Silver Angel: They bring their keepers wealth and harmony and sing and rejoice and bring peace to the keepers atmospheres.

These angels may be received off of this listing please mark in your notes which one you'd like and whether male or female. please and thank you.

Angelic Guardians of Earth:

These are Guardians who watch over certain species of animals and Wildlife on Earth. they are very well-versed in protecting the species of which they were chosen to protect. They will protect and guard these species at all costs and ensure their survival. Just because we no longer see species doesn't mean that no longer exist it's simply no longer exists in our world their job is to ensure a survival of all species.

Aura Quartz or Rainbow Angel and Cherub:

Angelic beings are only found in the aura Court there Aura quartz angels anointed and blessed by Venus and Aphrodite these beautiful creatures we're blessed for centuries and years to watch over the aura quartz dragons and sure that their breeding and success in survival occurs. they are very Adept at protection of these beings and will not let any harm magic or physical come to an aura quartz Dragon. Chances are if you do have an aura quartz Dragon you will be visited by one of these beings to ensure Your Dragon safety and protection as well as your dragons well being. They're like the guardian angels of Aura quartz dragons. 

The rainbow kingdom operates exactly the same however they have their angels protect all of them 

Bird Angels:

These are very beautiful beings who are wide Arts I'm typically have a bird nest of the bird that they look like in their hair with eggs and everything and they let the birds live in their hair until they are fully matured and able to leave the nest and then the cycle repeats. They are protectorates of birds for shifters and other bird beings. They are even capable of moving their arms and their branches to ensure that the baby birds in the birds do not fall out of the nest or injure themselves. They are perfect for people who have birds as pets or let birds visit their keep or their homes on the earth Realm.

Paladine: a higher up angel able to be a warrior and use light magic to defend others.

Seraph or Seraphim: angelic beings from this hierarchy class usually sing keep knowledge and observe humanity and access the akashic records.

Archangel: One of the highest standing placements an angel can receive or have. This has been place of the original seven since the beginning of time according to the Christian faith.

Fallen: angels who have lost their grace and wings and are cast out of heaven.

Dark Angels: angels who have become corrupt for one reason or another.

Enochian: angels from the order of Enoch. They use their own magic and have their own missions directly from the Christian God.

Anhel de Sang:

These Angels have wings that are entirely red are pale complected usually have various eye colors on hair colors. They are experts in blood reading blood magic and anything to do with blood. They are even sanguine and the fact that they typically feed on blood. This race is entirely unique and is relatively hard to find. They stand at a human's height and are capable flight with their wings. They are various personalities and various past and are capable of some other types of magic. They are capable of breeding there are males and females of this race and they do have both light and dark of this race as well. Their name is a mixture of German and Latin for blood angel.

Cherry Blossom Angel:

These beautiful beings are found around the pink full moon or the cherry blossom festival throughout Asia. They're strongest during a pink full moon. they help with love and Magic fertility Magic prosperity and abundance magic as well as the renewal of energy during spring and summer and of all matters regarding love and the Heart. They can cleanse all three of your body's and purify your sacred spaces as well as your Energies. They are well-known for cleansing the soul and purging it of any negative energies and taint. They are very wise and knowledgeable especially about balance and fate as well as Destiny and how it works. They remind you of a grandmother spirit with how knowledgeable and sweet they are they are very caring and considerate and love to make everyone happy and spoil the keeper rotten. They typically have pink skin wear pink clothing and have pink wings their eyes are typically a different color and they are typically found around pink flowers.

Fidelis Lumius Angelis:

These beautiful bioluminescent angels are very gifted in protection and guarding their keeper and other companions. They can create Shields and wards that prevents psychic and other bad magical attacks as well as physical attacks and astral attacks. They are so strong that they are able to somewhat accurately prevent mirror magic attacks and picture curses. Their name means faithful luminescent angels. Their oath to their keeper is that they will never leave nor forsake you with them by your side you will always have someone no matter how discouraged you make it they will always be there to pull you up whenever you are down. They are capable of various forms of healing and even able to do fate magic so someone may not die before their time. They only use this in dire circumstances and if they can see their future and it is allowed to be prevented. They like to be out against balance for good for good be outweighed and higher than the amount of evil in the world. They encourage others to be good and pure and helpful and always faithful. It looks these beautiful beings have markings along their skin that glow when they use their magic they're able to use their magic as a Nexus from their hands and emits the light that you can see underneath their skin unlike most Angels who have their wings on their back they typically have their wings on their head this is the sign of a messenger. They are able to fly as well as Glide using their abilities occasionally it looks more like they are levitating above are but they do this naturally as if breathing that's how easy flying is to them.

Flower Angels:

bring a Bountiful Harvest to any crop they have a green thumb and are all childlike and appearance there are both male and females and they are great gardeners they love to sing and talk to the plants and they love to play their Harps Outdoors they're the reason that we believe you should talk to plants as well as their what helped teach how to sew and give plants life and are usually found around people who have a green thumb and people with Bountiful Gardens. these little Mischief Makers love being very playful and childlike in their Gardens that they help keep and grow. they do have their moments when they can be moody or adult-like or serious about things though they do know when there's a time to have fun when there's a time to work and be serious about something.

Elemental Angels: angels who control various forms of the element and are able to use this for many purposes.

Macabre Angel:

have a very Twisted sense of humor and ideals of what an emotional and moral compass is. They are tricksters and love to entertain but they also love to do Twisted little pranks here or there. Some of them even enjoy more Gore and blood type Arts. You would be a tad bent too if you went through what they did to survive. Everything is a little twisted and a little mad however they never harm. 

Shredded Angels: were once Warriors of Heaven. During the War Between Heaven and Hell their wings became damaged and instead of healing properly they healed with a shredded look. Instead of the warrioress and warriors allowing this to get them down, it didn't it turn made them sad for a time. So they took time from heaven and wandered. As they wandered they regained their confidence and their beauty however they still have a fragile and despairing feeling about them this as well as the unique fragile capability that makes them feel almost as if they are a flower or Diamond that if you're not careful it'll break or hurt further. However they do not like to be treated as such they are capable of doing tasks that you give them and the magic they use is a mixture of heavenly magic and lunar Magic healing and prosperity. They tend to call it Shred Ability instead of magic. This due to it being unique amongst their kind. They range from white arts to neutral due to intensity of their aura and feeling they give off. However in their eyes they are white art being and unless pushed to act. 

Zombie Angel:

These beautiful beings where once completely angelic however due to a demonic plague that ripped through part of their ranks in another world they turned into zombies they have of their flesh missing. However unlike their cousins or relatives that feed on brains and flesh or energy they still do their jobs as angels and take it very seriously while they may have a grotesque or frightening appearance they are very good guard still and due to quick thinking they cannot transfer the virus at all however it does stay within their ranks. They feed off of the good Acts and guarding you. They feed off the pure energy from a job well done and Good Deeds they accomplish this ups their endorphins their pheromones and give them all the Necessities they need to survive. there are men and women of this race. However there is a select number of them and they do not breed. They are erase that is currently going extinct this does not phase them however and they continue to do their job and live out the rest of their days when they passed they do tend to want to keep her so they can continue doing good acts and keeping their energy flowing and their endorphins healthy.