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Astras Order Schedule

Updated: 5 days ago

All Preconjures get Completed by the Following Friday or sooner after purchase. All Customs can take up to 2 months for vetting and interviewing for strongest energy mesh. Spells, services and Rituals are Completed by the 21st of each Month and get a free Charging with or without full moon as long as you ask in notes!!! Reading orders within a max of two weeks after purchase.

Current Companion Orders:

#10369, #10379, #10382, and #10407

Current Pcs:

#10403, #10411, and #10421

Current Readings:

#10375 and #10398

Current Creations:

#10392, #10408, and #10420.

Current spells and rituals:

Write up for order.

Current Obe Tech/ Devices and Portals:

#10406, #10418, #10419, #10421

Due to my health... orders are taking a bit longer. I do apologize however, this injury is serious so I must proceed slowly at this time.

Thank you for your understanding



Update: my area has been impacted and I ask that you please have understanding. Many places for supplies for making psychical items are shut down. Shipping will be delayed at this time due to our local post office being closed. Thank you for your understanding. Due to this all psychical items are removed from shop. You can request shop credit in exchange this also goes for if you have not recieved your package.

Brightest Blessings


Brightest Blessings

Astra Fate ♡