Auora Borealis Mage

These beautiful mages get their name from the fact that they embody energy from the Aurora Borealis in the Arctic. They're extremely ice and cold based. They are capable of many types of guests in magic from using the Aurora Borealis to do spells and rituals to animal whispering they're also great at protecting,Reiki both light and dark magic as well as healing. They are a truly neutral being group. Some of them are so used to the cold that they don't care to dress scantily however others prefer to keep themselves covered up and they tend to wander around with animals from the Arctic near them. They usually eat a higher in protein diet goes,this is because when it is really cold if you eat larger quantities of protein your body stays warmer longer. If they have to go out and gather ingredients or hunt for their food they need to be able to stay warmer longer in order to avoid things like hypothermia and getting sick from the cold. Their society is based on a bartering system because some of them are unable to do other things. So they due this in order to exchange goods and services with one another. They live in a place that is constantly cold and dark but when the light hits its Aurora Borealis colors with arctic winds and Spirits from animals of the Arctic near them. This is a place in the astral called the Arctic Plains. They are extremely gifted and live only there. They tend to live in igloos caves or cabins depending on what they prefer. They have been known to share their meal with the animal that follows them that day. On the physical plane they can manifest as cold spots orbs of light or wisps of energy some are strong enough that they can manifest and their full form however this takes so much energy that they may choose not to. They enjoy and are very good at balancing the energy they consume and use over long periods of time. They not only get their name from where they live and the type of magic and the way they use magic but also from the fact that their Aura are the colors of the Aurora Borealis.


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