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Auora Elves

These beautiful elves are unique and their beauty and their magic both. They get their energy from the Aurora Borealis they Channel it for various uses such as transfusion Transformation Magic mysticism healing forging their weapons divination Awakening your abilities as a keeper enhancing Communications and much more. They usually tend to like incenses that are more herb based such as Rosemary or lavender thyme or mint. They live in harsh or colder climates but they can survive most anywhere as long as there's not too much sun as the sun does bring them some discomfort. Their skin is purple their hair is various colors and so are their eyes. They typically wear leather and metal like clothing that occasionally looks like web and this is done to keep them warm so they do not get cold easily. They have longer ears than their average cousins and relatives. They are extremely peaceful and happy individuals that always bring out the best and brightest in their keeper. They are always looking to bring out more positivity in your life than you could have imagined. They're amazing comforting Companions and gentle guides who like assisting you in whatever you decide to do. Your best interest and highest good are always in their hearts and minds. They have peace, happiness, harmony in their energy that helps achieve this in the most the gentle and comforting way possible. They are vegans and do not eat meat whatsoever. They feel it is a great insult to consume another life form dead or not. They feel that other life forms were put here for them to help take care of and ensure that they are safe. When they are charging themselves from the Aurora Borealis they can have their eyes glow and this is very unique is the shows that they are getting energy from the transferal.