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Aurora wolves

hese beautiful and majestic wolves are loyal to their keepers and other companions. They help accompany they're Keepers on quests and missions or Journeys throughout the Obe. They are experts at Kundalini chakra Kabbalah soul and aura as well as energy cleansing charging purification and energizing. They help new members to the meta with relaxation and guidance to meditation and are very vocal beings. They sometimes travel in packs of 2 or 3. They are family having beans and entity. they are not sexual with the keeper at all and prefer their own kind. They have various personalities and tend to be Rebels and messengers of the Gods and goddesses as well as other Spirits living past on or beans that have lived or passed on. They are typically scavengers or high protein diet however they do sometimes eat vegetation they do require large amounts of hydration. Their coats are white with various eye colors and they have a light Aurora Borealis coloring on their fur that when the sun or moon hit shines irredesently.

it is their job to protect and guide you on your spiritual path and connect you to the divine and help you stay on your path.