Axolotl Dragons

These one-of-a-kind and unique dragons are a hybrid of an earth Axolotl and a pond dragon. They are both about the same size and do not get bigger than the pain that they live in Period and average they can get to be about the size of a boxer or pitbull type domestic breed dog. Their gifts range from charging and cleansing to Renewal and rebirth as well as being one with your water and lunar Energies. They are very unique being who practice a specialist type of magic that is unique to their species. This unique type of magic has a unique way of Awakening your gifts and helping you learn how to astral project and lucid dream they don't really have a name for it it's just the way that they learned how to practice and was passed down from generation to generation. They can come in a variety of colors they are not just the pink of the axolotl part of their dna and bloodline. They also can cleanse your blood as and activate your bloodline gifts. They are neutral arted beings. They don't like to fight and they tend to live in solitude however they get along well with others and are very friendly. They are typically characterized by the unique axolotl styled marking of their horns and feet. This can give them an algae like appearance for appendages which helps as natural defense in their habitats while alive. They speak a variety of languages but also use a kind of morse code when speaking amongst themselves.


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