Bird Shifters

These are all the bird shifters we offer.

Hawk: These beings are shift into a hawk they are gifted into divination spell casting, seeing the future prophetic dreams and lucid dream guidance.

Owl: These beings shift into an owl they are gifted in divination death omen readings rituals rites and visions and lucid dream guidance.


these beautiful beings love to be the center of attention and have fun they are gifted in helping various forms of mental and health issues. They do energy healing and dances and bring happiness and peace and love to your keep.


These beautiful shifters are graceful and elegant and will teach you how to dance and entertaining oneself they are elegant singers and dancers and love to entertain and Amaze you. They are typically very flamboyant and very outgoing and will drag you along for the ride. They have three forms the bird a human and an in-between form.


These Majestic shifters are Adept at Magic and delivering of messages and divination. They have been used for centuries as Omens of death of mysterious encounters and more. They have three forms a raven and in-between and a human.


These beautiful shifters are extremely graceful they help balance your emotional well-being and up your confidence. They're beautiful and graceful and they take your well-being to Heart. They are extremely fragile and can be slightly aggressive or attitude prone when needed. They can be a Black Swan or a white swan shifter they have three forms. Their Swan form and in between form and a human form.


This beautiful shifter is of a toucan they are very quiet they're very beautiful and they're also very Soulful they represent spirit and they have many many types of magic. They will entertain you make you laugh and balance your emotional well-being as well as your spiritual. They have three forms a toucan and in between form and human.


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