Blackhole Dragons

These unique dragons are born from the black holes created by supernovas that explode. They are extremely powerful and destructive forces that are great for protection. These beings although powerful and destructive hate the wages of War and the things that they cause. These beings have seen everything and nothing at the same time. They are fear of the night time they are fear Primal and sweet. They are Hunger and the darkest of nights and in an alley somewhere. They are the tears of those in pain and wanting Revenge. They are outraged at treatment by Authority. These beans are Primal Revenge any emotion or any thing or action that mistreats use the keeper they go off without you even giving a say so. They can give a backbone to those who lack one and make sure you Buck it up right and tight. They are being the commands a great deal of respect and honor from their keeper and other companions they are more than just royalty.


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