Candy Skele

These lovely and peaceful looking beings have an extremely unique energy about them. Their energy feels very Galaxy based. They look and feel like skeletons and smell like candy. They typically wear wigs on their head if they are female some of the male to do this to for their vanity factor that they have. They love to look pretty and dress up. They really enjoy cosplay wigs because of how colorful they are. They are great experts at tasseomancy which is the reading of tea leaves. If you make yourself a glass of tea and you drink it they can give you a reading off of it. The same goes with tarot they are capable of reading your tarot for you. There are great oracle's who are also capable of reading oracles and various forms of divination. They like to help with emotions and healing and are big into helping their Keepers let go and move on of past issues that are harming their present. They have very good vibes and are very peaceful beings that just have a little bit more decomposition than most. Their societies are very colorful and bright but Cemetery looking. Their favorite form of offering is Citrus smelling oils candy smelling candles and incense. They have very bubbly personalities and tend to love to party and make their keeper and other companion smile and laugh at their jokes.


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