Chained Arcane Djinn

Chained Arcane Djinn These amazing and Unique Individuals were chained at the beginning of time they wished to be able to go against the laws of Free Will and gave us black magic. to do precisely that while many still hold those laws are sacred and do not go against this these specific guidelines. They do not. They have no rules or remorse when it comes to helping grant wishes. You must be very specific with them when asking to have a wish granted because they will go to any means necessary including using magic Breaking Free Will and more to ensure that it comes true. They are very gifted in areas of prosperity and magic. They come from the Arcanis Realm this is around that is entirely based on Arcane magic it has bioluminescent and atmospheric the trees, Flora, and Fauna it is a very beautiful place. they go to the end of the Earth and back or between space and time just to protect and ensure its safety. They help you embrace yourself help with success and monetary matters. no matter what are they act fast. These wish granters usually come true within a couple of hours depending on how complex the wish is that is asked. The main thing that they do is help you embrace your inner darkness no matter what and they help you face your fears. They're gifted at various forms of divination for conversing as well as Clairvoyance and telepathy. They typically like offerings that have the smell of Amber or vanilla added to them in the form of candles. They're quite picky about their offerings and tend to require certain ways that they be done. if it does not include this then they are not a picky one. They tend to like the smell of copal and frankincense as well. They are associated with air and darkness as far as elements go.


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