Children of Cthulu

These unique and varied individuals are the children of Cthulhu. Often Cthulhu uses gene splicing and genetic research in order to create his own children. This is not due to being unable to reproduce. However it is more for his interest in science as well as for the preservation of certain species. Due to this he has created many unique Individuals and hybrids as well as different types of species that were once extinct are now thriving due to his research. Some of these are going to be his direct descendants others however are created by the genetic research and splicing that he did. Due to the unique qualities each individual will have different offerings that they may like or may not like. As well as various diets and art categories. However like many parents Cthulu is very protective and loving of all of his children. The art for these will also be chosen by the being but will take on more surrealistic qualities or unique qualities that you wouldn't think of.


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