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Cotton Candy wolves

These beautiful friendly wolves have very soft for that smells exactly like cotton candy it's extremely soft and amazing to cuddle in. They help with PTSD depression and anxiety. They Aiden opening your chakras and helping you socialize as well as comfort and support when you need it they are capable of using they're empathic abilities to actually control your emotions in a way that is beneficial for you they only do this if it's in your highest Goods interest. They get along well with other keep members even though they require a high protein diet they would never harm a fly and is very difficult due to this for them to find a decent meal so what they usually do is they have survive off of legumes and plant proteins even though they realize that this does harm them they would do well with a better diet of more raw meat proteins but they would require someone else to hunt it for them. Their breath even smells like cotton candy if they are healthy this is due to the fact that on their Planet the largest plant-based protein is similar to cotton candy in our world and Realm. They eat such large amounts of this protein to sustain themselves that they take on the color of the plant and the smell of the plant.