Cyclops of Dreamtime

These beautiful and unique cyclops are amazing gentle companions. They are typically pastel skin tone and dress and pastel and are surrounded by unique animals that are also in pastel colors. They are extremely friendly beings that come in either dusk or Serenity bindings. They live in a beautiful pastel Realm where bartering is the currency. They're equipped with gifts of the following Astral guide,Help with emotions,Comfort when you need it,Enhances your dream walking, Help achieving dream recollection, Dream and Fate magic and aiding in falling and staying asleep in order to achieve a well nights rest. The extremely cuddly and gentle beings who love offerings that are unique and smell and bring Comfort to them and their keeper as well as other companions as well as things to help with dreaming . They like various activities but are typically not very prone to physical kinds of activities. They really like desserts for their appetite and flowers as well. They are known for their young but sometimes ornery humor. These companions are extremely aloof when they wish to be.


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