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Death Mantle

 These moths usually are plant-like beings who travel in hives and are extremely territorial aggressive however they made their contract in order to protect the keeper they are akin to having your own team of archers except armed with multiple rows of teeth and poisonous skin you can touch them they can control poisons on their skin and toxins. They do have a moral compass and tend to be very much like a domestic house cat when happy they even pur when you pet them. They are aggressive when eating their food which has to be raw meat. They are named after the plant the death mental because the tops of their bodies resemble deathmantle and Moss the underneath side is a blue veiny skin that is very tough to penetrate and there's only one thing that is able to and that's another another of their kind. So little have discovered them that they're only natural predator as they have evolved is there selves when one of them Falls or dies they do have a tendency to eat their other as a way of grieving they will then end up crawling up in the place where they're falling Conrad has fall and fall fast asleep when they wake up in the morning they will have forgotten everything because they consumed the toxin that's all the toxin does for them is it erases a memory. If one was to fall during battle they would not immediately go to that place however when they were done they would. they're not fire resistant. They have such amazing mind and telepathy abilities that it allows them to create small shields around themselves and they are resistant to spell work. When happy they make chirping noises. When angry they snarl and growl. these beings require keepers due to a natural predator that is killing offer their kind and is invasive they are refugees.