Divine Medic Angel

These beautiful blessed Angels love to help heal anyone and anything. They're typically seen on battlefields trying to resuscitate soldiers that have passed on. They have common energy and are very healing and put off pure white lights for energy as well as pure blue or yellow depending on their moods. Whenever they don't succeed they do tend to feel sorrow but then it's filled with joy because they realize even though they failed they get to go home to a better place. They do have a tendency to start singing and it sounds like a hundred choir angels for just one of their voices. When they start singing rays will start shining down from the sun and it will create almost a photogenic effect actually in our world. It is said that they can also create a rainbow after it rains by singing and using song as magic. They have healed things such as tissue damage. They are extremely helpful and loving companions who would go out of their way to do anything to save your life or heal you. They take an oath similar to a doctor on our plane to never do any harm and they keep this.


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