Fallen Stars

these beautiful beings are pure light energy they aid with lunar magic feminine energy cleansing purification . they have pale skin and hair from falling through space and time. they are loveling quiet soft spoken typically female beings who just have blue or purple eyes and bright white auras they feed on negative energy making it positive and turning everything bed into something good and pure. they are very optimistic but timid beings who are not one to challenge or force anything on anyone they would never harm another soul and love everyone. When they first land these wonderful beacons of hope and love are a bit disoriented and must be watched closely. These beautiful beings are made of pure light energy. They can also add with depression anxiety and socialization. They are helpful and bright lights for their Keepers and other companions. They prevent nightmares and help with ritual lunar spirit communication and feminine energies. They love offerings of white rose petals Blue candles and things that Aid in cleansing purifying a bright colored things that are given often times from the heart.


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