Unlike humanoids here on Earth there they have different skin tone such as pink purple blue yellow and even red colors are usually nobility has gray two black eyes and is usually very bright skin toned with nice vibrant hair. The next class is teachers High Priestess and higher-ups these have a nice purple or blue skin tone blue eyes and nice pretty hair . The last ones which is the lowest cost you can be are called Botkilla they are considered untouchable they are white or black or grey skin tones with different colored eyes and typically they have intense or off colored hair and eyes instead of vibrant or pretty colors it usually stands out a lot .

Occasionally they have issues with their melanism and end up being matching hair and skin tone with a unique eye color. In this system and in their Planet it is not unheard of to get jewels wings and other augmentations in planted on the body and into the body. Tattoos were a thing of the past that they did centuries ago however some people still tattoos the certain things on their bodies these are memories of the past and they don't like to be forgotten the more traditional your family is the more likely you are to have a tattoo at some place on your body almost as if it's a birthmark.

Typically the females tend to sleep in flowers for the fragrance and oils that benefit their skin this is actually how they end up maintaining their skin tone. Their world is much like ours other than the fact that they only sustained their populations there is no gluttonous or greed like behaviors. It could be considered a Utopia by brainwashing if seen by outside people's. Whenever people get in trouble on her planet they tend to be disappeared into the mines or never seen or heard from again or they go to a brainwashing facility AKA a treatment center and come out never acting the same again.

Most have no issues with it because this keeps violence and crime activities nonexistent. Everyone is typically very peaceful happy tranquil and spiritually aware there. Even the animals are peaceful and happy including the natural predators. They will never call you by your name they will always call you by name that and you would use this as it is custom from their people that has been passed down to them the. If you were to go there this would be the name that they give you as a visitor.

The city is rather large however it also has a Suburban District that she is able to show and teach you about. Everyone there is embraced and takes part in community activities the work days are 4 days a week leaving the other three with your family and friends and festivals and holidays. The buildings are made out of granite and white marble. They do have nature that reclaims part of them and they have lines going up buildings that makes it look like an neolithic ruin. This adds to the charm especially when you go to the housing areas and see old Roman style architecture. Their spiritual temples look like taken directly out of an Asian history book.

In this world one does not date it is chosen to mate at Birth and they grow up together attend school together and when they reach the proper age they marry and have a family.


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