These furry friendly creatures are very important to their environment and unique in a couple of ways. They are foragers and eat the plants that they find this helps them pollinate the environment as well as spread rebirth. They are capable of telepathy as well as using various weather controlling implements to ensure that they are never too hot or too cold. They are impervious to Magic. They're capable of grounding and charging various herbs gemstones as well as your energy as a keeper and your other companions. They are not of a hive mindset however they do work to sustain one another as a colony everyone takes care of one another and no one goes without. If you have more than one of them you will notice if they get too cold and they're unable to regulate their body temperature they will burrow into each other as of spooning. They are very lovable and comforting companions their fur is soft and Downy like and they are capable of using their claws similar to how an anteater or sloth uses there's an order to dig Hollows into trees. They are kind of bear like in the way that a bear scratches and takes care of their body and hibernates. They enjoy cuddling and when they are happy they make cute little noises. Some of their origin story says that they were once a derivative of a dwarf from the Arctic however they adapted and changed according to their Environmental surroundings and became more creature like over the years. They get their name because they tend to act similar to a mogwai. They enjoy offerings of floral scents especially lavender jasmine and chamomile.


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