Glacial Pegasus

These beautiful and winter bass Pegasus we're brought to life from the creation of glaciers. They stem from the first line of ice giants is kind of a pet. They're actually the children of the Goddess Morena and the ice Giant from Jotunheim. Are incredibly powerful they're gifted as a mode of transportation but also as a means of comfort and care. They are able if not properly taken care of to call gales of up to 65 miles per hour. This has also been called the Arctic winds at some points throughout history. They enjoy offerings of sweet Meadow grass, marshmallow root, and cinnamon bark. They love the smell of peppermint as well as bring luck and fertility during the winter months. They prefer to communicate we thought an image projection. They can manifest as cold winds out of nowhere the smell of any of their offerings as well as well as the sound of a horse when nothing else is around.


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