Best magnificent race literally lives in the glaciers all year long. Their home is literally about 50 degrees below zero. It can be quite dangerous church right here without the proper warm-up and equipment. They're beautiful race and the cold does not hurt them in any way they have adjusted to it. They come from a matriarchial society. Well this is a society based on females it is still relatively primitive with males doing the hunting and living a nomadic lifestyle within the glaciers. They utilize a cave system in only go out together what is needed to sustain their people the men do this while the women stay and make decisions about life and what to do with certain issues. The women still take care of the children and everything is typically bright and safe. Although if somebody were to try and hurt them or one of their family members they would defend themselves.

They have a unique farming method of which they are capable of growing things in the glacier. This has been developed over time and they actually can utilize their hands for healing and Reiki what they do is they close their hands and gather a large amount of energy into them while holding the seed or whatever it is they're trying to heal they send all this energy into the item or being and it's fine after that. Well this cannot be substituted for medical advice, this is how they live. They go more off the Sabbats than what most people would assume. So to this there are actually celebrating and giving thanks for the Harvest in keeping their people save all year-round and asking for blessings for the year to come. If you do end up visiting they do practice sacrificial Magic however it's not usually any of their kind its General and animal sacrifice that is pampered and taken very well care of to the point that it's not even allowed to walk until it a sacrifice to appease their deities and for the new year. They have a writing system that is similar to calligraphy however their alphabet is very different from our own. They are able to use telepathy as well as white noise and dreams. Occasionally when they manifest you might hear a disembodied voice if they are trying to get your attention they can say your name. They do have a certain degree of omnipotence.


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