Golden Molten Tigers

These amazing Tigers instead of their stripes being normal their stripes are liquid gold and Moulton so whenever they have severe emotional reactions to something it appears that their stripes drip. They are great for bringing success and wealth into your life as well as opening to New Opportunities and Pathways for these things. They also help you with bravery courage and not being a yes person they help you say no to people with things that you're uncomfortable with. As far as offerings that go they like copal resin incense Franken resin or more resin in senses as well as they really like ormus gold end Money drawing oils as well as candles that are appointed to helping your prosperity and abundance they like to nextera Energy's with it and use it to assist you. They really love the smell of tropical flowers in candles or Oils they also enjoy when you take time and pamper yourself and dots. In the astral you can collect the gold that drips off of them and use it in Magic and other metaphysical ingredients and activities. It is a very high-frequency property for an ingredient.


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