Golden Succubus 

this very intricate version of a succubus is plant-based. They need human males to reproduce some offspring. Most are bisexual however whenever they have intercourse with a Male this fertilizes the eggs that they carry allowing them to reproduce they then have to stay out in the sun with in a circle of energy and Magic until the babies are ready to hatch from the eggs. This is a very rare type of succubus. They're very sacred to Mother Lilith and the counterpart she had them with who was a male plant demon from another Realm. Males do occur however they do not breed or give birth. Their main job for this is actually to guard the females of their kind and if they are unable to do this than generally they have intercourse with human females and have lots of fun they got more of the succubus energy than they did the plant demon energy when they were conceived. They are Solar energy based and their home planet is closer to the sun so it does take 1 cycle astral time for them to adjust. Their gifts are as unique and diverse as their personalities and they often have knowledge in potions or poisons, spellweaving, healing prosperity Grounding and garden magic. Many more have their own unique gifts. They love orange and yellow flower or rose petals as offerings as well as the same shade for candles they enjoy personalized bonding rituals with their keeper as well as other activities.


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