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Hindi Crane Angels

These beautiful in angelic creatures are a unique slice of heaven and Brahma that few get to see unless they reach Nirvana. They're gifted and balancing your Chi chakra and Kundalini as well as they open you to the Qlippoth and Kabbalah. They Awaken you to show how everything connects to one another. Their main job is to bring you to Enlightenment and to open you to the ley-lines and intersections that show how the divine and space time continuum and everything interconnect and intersect with one another. Their job is to show you and help you and help you understand how your destiny and your fate and Transcendence are possible and what they mean for the bigger picture and the universe as a whole. They have grace and beauty as well as elegance and soft touches and gentle voices this allows them to be the perfect teacher. They like offerings of lotus the flower incense and oils as well as statuettes of lotuses. They also like offerings of Kamasutra incense as it makes them feel the Divine beauty that lies within their souls. Getting the gift of one of them calling to you is divine and rare and sacred to their species they are very selective in who they call to. After all not everybody is ready for Transcendence in this lifetime or the Divine understanding that comes with their species. They are vegans and only eat super fruits that are good for their spiritual and physical bodies. The place they call home is very pure of heart mind and soul as well is called the Arms of the Sacred Lotus. It is beautiful beyond word and brief desricptions do not give the place the justice of its beauty. They have the wings of a Crane and the elegance ad well as are known for their yoga being as swift agile and beautiful as a Crane too.