How to order Customs not in shop, Custom Conjures, and Reverse Adoptions from Us.

Here at Bloody Skies of Fate we have many conjure species that are not available in our shop for customs. This is due to how many amazing companies we have contracts with. I simply did not wish to overload our website with them so this gives you instructions on how to place an order for the ones that are in the book of Fate but not in the customs section.

We have a listing that is specifically titled Customs not in shop. See link below.

Step One is go to this URL an address to your cart. The second step is relatively easy there are three options to do this. 1. Tell us via the chat icon on webpage which species. 2. Place it in notes for species, art category if you have a gender preference or if you have traits or gifts your looking for. 3rd option is email us this information and we will use this to complete your order. This is the process we use for any customs that are not available in shop. We are always adding new species and they can be avaliable for a limited time as a listing. ♡♡♡

You can also use this on how to order an RA which is a reverse adoption and how to order a custom the difference between a custom is that your choosing a specific spirit that you're interested in and it's a custom of species. A reverse adoption is where the spirit chooses you based off of if you put criteria or not they stopped word based on your energy and if they would mesh well with you. An order notes for either you can place certain traits or gifts that you're looking for as well as a specific gender that you're interested in depending on if this is a preference. As well as you can choose an art category these go in a section of your orders referred to as your notes. You can also utilize the message methods above in order to make sure that we have everything we need in order to complete your order. If you place nothing then we will assume that you will accept whatever is come forward as long as it is the strongest and the best energy mesh suited to you.

Brightest Blessings


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