Isthmus Turtles

In the beginning when the Earth was still young there was only Sky water Earth fire light and dark. Soon the elements grew Lonely with only having one another as their companions. Darkness and fire were always the outcast and always the last ones to be apart of anything. This being said Sky water Earth and Light decided that they wanted to have a child as they started to make their plans fire and darkness overheard and wanted to outdo their own creation of their siblings. So when darkness fell fire when to Earth and begged Earth to help him create his own creation and so earth agreed. Telling fire to shoot some of the fire into the the sand into the depths of water and Earth would make the fire Harden protecting it causing it to become a volcano which would then spew forth eventually creating an island on which Humanity come to be. Upon waking light ask the Earth what had she done she thought she was just helping her poor siblings not realizing that they had created something dark there was nothing left to be done so they said about creating their own creation.

Earth Sky Water and Light begin planning their creation of a being so unique that it would carry life all over producing different species of many natures and temperaments but all would be beautiful unloyal as well as protective. They knew that the being must be able to swim and it must have protection as well as be able to carry its young around with it so it could produce they knew that they would need to create a male and female to produce a population otherwise they would be doing this all in vain and the being would get lonely and they didn't want their creation their child to become lonely inside like they were. Earth decided the being must have beautiful flora and fauna and be gifted with light healing emotional magic as well as creation magic if this was to be part of her child she wanted it to have the best parts of herself. Sky gated the gift to breathe so that way it would be able to survive in the atmosphere that was around the elements. Light would give the gift to see even when it was dark. Water of have the gift of fate Magic as well as the abilities to swim and feed on Things in the water.

So it was to be this was the first being ever created and it was indeed a turtle. The two turtles grew happy and aged as they swim around bits of Flora and Fauna Steve's from the plants that Earth had put on the Turtles Back dropped into the water as well as on to the the parts of land forming from the Creation earth fire and darkness had made. The turtle was happy and eventually the turtle became healthy feeding off of algae Plankton and krill. Eventually other beings such as humans were created and eventually started hunting and killing these beings off to Extinction. My Latriark which is a living entity that I have bound to me his job is to save beans that are being hunted to Extinction he saved these beings and then I reside and then he roams as a healthy population they are nowhere near as big as they used to be and they are still just as beautiful growing lovely Botanical Gardens and environments along their backs. When they breed the eggs end up being on the shell of the turtle until the turtles are mature enough to leave their mother and survive on their own. These beings enjoy offerings of Earth based smells such a Cedarwood Patchouli scent Apollo or white sage and since oils or candles are okay they also enjoy Beach or water based scents. They are gifted in emotional aid creation and fate magic grounding charging and cleansing as well as essence harvest and pollination. They are sacred wise beings who are Intune with spirit and can communicate and help open your gifts.


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