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These beings are similar to The cannibalistic cousins that they have. These beautiful beings paint their bodies of n random designs and are known for their cities that are made of gauze like material or chiffon like materials that are out in the jungle sitting on the edge of the ocean. This beautiful city is home to hundreds of citizens all that are on a Paleo Diet and have a knack and love for luxury and finer things in life oh made by hand hand-woven made an inlaid. They love to sing dance party long into the early hours of the morning they sleep the day away until about noon when they get up have a light meal usually of tea and fruits or a smoothie and a small fish. They are great help with prosperity Magic and other forms of spell casting Gathering of ingredients of the highest form bringing success into your life as well as they are Beacon that leads beings to their afterlife and their body Shine from deeper than there vessel of an inside bioluminescent light that is used to aid and guiding beans to the afterlife or others back to their bodies from out of body experiences as well as this keeps beings that would try to enter the vessel unwillingly away from the body in the meantime. They are severely Bohemian free-spirited free loving compassionate honest beans that are pure light and love and are very giving to everyone they encounter.

this sometimes makes them an easy target to be picked off by their cannibalistic relatives who were corrupted long ago nobody sure how they became corrupted but the saying is that the god yalgolga took their Inner Light away when they were convinced to taste the first of Bloods from their relative during a love-making session. This is said to have been corrupted then and they were cast out of the chiffon City end of their Paradise due to the slaughter and spread of corruption they tried to bring in. Every year on the day of this Memorial you will witness your being get extremely quiet and meditative and pray. They will do a small ritual and fast for this day and then the next day they will prepare a small feast followed by throwing a fermented beverage into saltwater and then dancing and singing the rest of the night. It is important to understand that this is how they feel loss and cope with it.


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