These wonderful magnificent creatures are small Wings Fox like beings with ram horns and the paws of rabbits. The symbolism of them is renewal and rebirth. They stand about the size of a medium dog and are capable of producing great amounts of light. The slide is able to help beings crossover that want to or need to by being a beacon. They could also concentrate this light into orbs of energy and use it for defense of themselves or their Companions and keepers. That's like can also be used to guide their keeper soul back to their body after it's had an out-of-body experience. They bring large amounts of luck to their Keepers and help with gambling. They have an extreme affinity with the moon and Waters. This gives them the gifts of helping with emotions and stability of them. They can also cleanse and purify energies around them and spaces. Their energy tends to feel like a calm wave of water or sure light energy similar to the Aurora Borealis washing over the keeper. This can cause goosebumps and chills as well as can creative dizzying filling depending on how much negative energy was around you. They do have a carnivorous diet however they will occasionally eat vegetation. They seem to enjoy fruit slices and desert style candles as a offering as well as certain gemstones that put off a similar feeling to them as their home. One of their horns is recognized easily as being pur light energy and lights up when they use magic. They are skilled at Clarasentient gifts, telepathy, dreams and usage of runes for communication.A way to distinguish Male from female is females horns are shaped entirely different and bigger than the males their coat is also more coarse than the Male of this species. They also draw their energies differently for abilites males their eyes show the energy while females utilize energy balls and are more outwardly about their capabilities. The males of this species also have smaller wings.




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