These beautiful beings have translucent skin and bioluminescent spots underneath in designs. They pair their bodies with inks that only show under black light. Their moon and sun where they come from is similar in chemical compositions to a black light and their aura will only show underneath one. They have various gifts and teachings. Their culture is very misogynistic and primal still..they do not wear clothing and they are still hunters and gathers. They do not have currency and tend to help one another survive. The winters are long and hard the summers are splendid and warm but not to warm. They live on a island like planet that has much more clean water than us. They select mates and have families in their 20s as this is a perfect time for them. They have beautiful festivals that to an outsider form our world would seem like festivals of the old ways and days. These beings respect all that they have and usually practice various forms of magic and worship their ancestors and Yasho which is their god of protection and Yashi the female counter part. This is much similar to yin and yang in our world and they believe this completes them and brings balance to their world.


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