Lantern dragons

These beautiful dragons are very gifted. They have lights on their heads that form a lantern of sorts. The way there were created when a Laos couple was lost as they were trying to leave for another country to provide a better life for their family. They had heard of a cove off the northern tip of their beloved home land that held a captain who would take you wherever you needed to go for a very small fee. They were headed there a lot of the roads were flooded and there was no lights along this roadway especially at nighttime. They were struggling to see and were beginning to be afraid. They prayed to the ancestors for light and out of the darkness appeared a dragon that guided them. After this they became known as lanterns. They occasionally appear during the lantern festivals as guides and guardians to safe keep wishes and messages to the ancestors. They are peaceful entities and have no natural enemies. They have been known to save people from deep sea wrecks. They eat small krill and fish as well as vegetation. They enjoy offering of passionfruit candles and dragons blood incense. They also enjoy vanilla oil and yellow flowers. They typically live most of their lives close to water that is very deep and enjoy water based activities. They are gifted as beacons and provide aid to those in need. They are mostly gentle giants but are highly capable of self-defense if necessary. They can help with future paths and are very accurate with readings and divination. They enjoy sun bathing and watching movies and spending time pampering their bodies. They are have soft silky smooth skin that is taken care of by the pampering they do. They are beacons of hope as well as masters of divination and astrology.


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