Lauds Muerto

These beings are comparable to Tasmanian devils in our timeline. However in their timeline they are much more. They come from the same place as the Sharks however they are these beings are unique. The skull is there actual face and they never remove it for some reason when they evolved they stop putting getting fur on their faces this is a scare tactic and a defense mechanism for the species. It is also why the word for death is in their name.They are incredibly intelligent creatures who are great at molding the magic of time Distortion And illusion. It is said if you walk into one of their Burrows uninvited you will suddenly find yourself so turned around distorted and backwards that you're not sure how to get to where you are at that point in time. This is because they line their messes with a psychedelic and hallucinogenic compound found and the area where they reside this is also due to the musing the Distortion Magic to mess with you. You must be invited and buy these if you are to go to their home if you go to your their home and you do not ask entrance then they cannot help you go through safely.


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