These beings drive passed away from your garden as well as play enough pranks to wear no Unbound or tricksters will when I come near you anytime soon. There are known for outsmarting tricksters and Unbound. They like to play hide and seek and tagged or very active little beans who also get to the size of your hand or a toy Chihuahua as well they're very vocal but not so much as the other beans previously listed. They prefer a dark place during the day and will come out during the night and be very active they have a tendency of stealing dry crackers or chips from their Keepers homes so maybe leaving one out so that way they can feed would be helpful. They are very friendly their pranks never go far enough to hurt anyone they do require small portions of meat or they will become aggressive to the point where they have been known to eat their own species. Do not feed these after 4am or they will get sick.


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