Luck Dragons

a special style of luck dragon for those who haave seen The NeverEnding Story. For those who haven't there's a luck dragon on there who looks like a giant flying dog(see picture in misc). These beautiful dragons have giant soft Downy fur floppy ears and can fly short distances but they do not have wings like a normal Dragon. They're gifted and luck magic bringing success and abundance to helping their keeper with communication and being a support system for their companion. They often have antlers like a deer instead of horns instead of those typically found on normal Dragon styles. The specific style of dragon that is one I have come across was found in a place called Navarra. It is a beautiful and delicately balanced place that has many styles of magic half of their realm is dark and half of their realm light due to the balance of Good and Evil and wars that have raged for centuries. The left dragons are the only beings in this realm that are capable of interdimensional travel. They like offerings of berries for smell Wills incense and candles. They communicate with telepathy, dreams,clairvoyance. They will use tarot, runes, or oracle for beginners. They are typically white arts conjures. These are not exclusive of bloody Skies of Fate as I have seen many different stores offer these amazing style of dragon these are just the ones that I have come across.


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