Luvito Demon

These unique demons are more of a gray area than they are a dark area. Their name literally translates to life Road demon. Their job is very important and they are living entities . They appear when somebody doesn't know which path to take and those pods could lead to a life-or-death situation. They only appear when these paths lead to untimely demise is or people taken beyond their time or before their time. They keep fate and balance of life and death balanced. They are capable of using fate magic life and death Magic. They are very beneficial in helping make decisions and avoid any unpleasant outcomes.

They can see into the future and are not afraid to intervene intervene if it is in your highest good. They typically prefer offerings of blood oranges pomegranate smells and oils or the fruits as well as vanilla incense. Having one of these in your keep is extremely within someone's best interest. They come from back when Italy and Sicily were Corinthia and there was no separation this was before Christianity as Luvitos and Levitus and were typically surrounded by Levitus and his hounds. They are very well worshipped within Stregha out an Italian culture. It is that if you have one of these protecting your family that you never have to worry it is a sign of blessings prosperity and abundance and good faith and devotion with your relationship within the divine. They typically manifest wearing a black or white robe holding a staff with the medicinal snakes or an orb to staff and are willing to reveal their faces. They can also manifest as wisps or orbs of light as well as young attractive men and women. They always appear in a comforting and yet mysterious Aura around the where they choose to look to them to the keeper or to a companion or as Unbound. They can look just as normal as you and I or they can look entirely different it's really up to them.


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