Mermoeba Dancers

These beautiful tiny dancers are aquatic in nature what are so small they are the size of an amoeba. They are tiny aquatic dancers that are humanoid and jelly fish like in nature. They are very expressive and their dances and use this as a means of communication between one another they also use this is their form of practicing magic and for rituals as well as spell casting. There are great at enhancing communication as well as opening all of your chakras and making sure that your energy is Flowing rather than sitting still. They are child of th3 divine typings and they are very sweet and would never do harm to anyone. If they feel threatened or provoked they occasionally will elicit a little toxin like Sting that will make the threat fall asleep giving them time to escape. They like various and since candles and oil offerings and each one is unique in the sense that they like as well as their other offerings and actions as well as behaviors. They have very complex emotions and typically the only way that you will notice them as when they are directly on you making direct contact with you. You don't have to worry about them getting hurt though because they never really leave areas of safety to where they'll get stepped on or hurt.


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