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Mini Unis

This beautiful energy manipulators use their abilities to manipulate energy to heal other beings. They are capable of using biokinesis or able to speak every language that we know and our world and more from others. They can talk as if I was talking to another person kind of talk. They have been known for their use of white noise and EMP putting off on a reader. They are incredibly sweet companions who will open your chakras thoroughly purify and cleanse as well as keep any blockages from forming and making sure that your Sacred Space is always purified. Purification to them is extremely important as is cleanliness and hygiene. They love to cuddle and have been known to sleep next to Keepers from time to time. They're about the size of a Miniature Pinscher and do not get bigger . Full grown they come to stand around 24 in tall and 10 long. They have wings that are 6in in length and rainbow manes with various eye colors.