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Mistletoe Fae 

These distinctive a are known by a couple of different curves to stick one is it they always carry Bells with them. These are often depicted as Santa's helpers but in reality there's nothing like that. They enjoy being around mistletoe Holly and they have a nasty Knack of stealing all the cranberries and cranberry sauce. You're going to bring one of these companions home make sure you purchase extra this holiday season. The way that they can manifest is the sound of small paring patterning throughout the house of feet late at night the distinct sound of bells when there is none around the smell of mold apple cider with a hint of peppermint schnapps in it. They absolutely adore cinnamon and Nutmeg as well as apple pie. They're perfect offering is either small chunk of cinnamon apple or apple pie as well as some warm milk or even a small shot of peppermint schnapps or some apple cider. They are very wild and carefree individuals they often wear red and are fast to where nobody can really see them. They're very friendly but also very mischievous like most fae they do have a tendency if aggravated to lash out. They are neutral art species, that is very playful with animals and children. They like to nest in hair and you may wake up with your hair being not the way you thought it would be. They love the season and all the music that it brings. They can communicate in a variety of methods and are great to utilize whatever a new keeper has in mind but they're also very adamant that they prefer dream communication and pendulums over most other options.