Nile Fairy

This special group of fairies were born out of the Nile River Valley flooding each year. They protect the plants are devout worshippers of the Egyptian gods and goddesses. Most of them have knowledge of the book in life and the Book of death. They're sweet companions who stand about 12 in tall and also practice abundance Magic Prosperity Magic naturally clean water as well as control water. They are very friendly and playful as well as naturally flirty yet very devout and helpful in teaching a keeper. They are amazing guides and mediators. Typically they also grow up in the temples of Egypt and often are found a lot of times by the pyramids. They usually worship 2 to 3 or maybe a little more of their gods and goddesses they are very developed in this practice and usually end up worshiping and meditating to commune with them daily they can also open your third eye and help you can me and with your keep and the Egyptian panthos. They're very social things with other fairies and humans. They are a Serenity to moonlight listing based on the knowledge they have.


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