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Pearl Rose Fairy

 Beautiful fairies typically have pink skin tones Bright Eyes and their wings are etheral and translucent looking with irredesent qualities. They produce a natural aphrodisiac from their skin and and tears originally this breed a fairy used to be hunted down specifically for their tears. The reason being is you can take their tears and put them on any Fae Folk and it will make them a ball of orgasms essentially it's essentially like a date rape drug. Due this the other fairies have started protecting this these species so you can hardly find them anymore. They specialize in making aphrodisiacs and pheromone perfumes they can be used in love spells and potions. They are highly selective in who they choose as keepers. They themselves are highly selective and sexual as well essential with their fingers. The Pearl part of their name comes from the way their wings look. The rose part is due to their skin tones. They are also found in the lunar rose fields of the astral realm and make their home within the beautiful flower stalks. They live a simple but beautiful life. They can also use lunar and auroral and aura magics to aid in healing and abundance. They stand 3 inches and can grow to 6 Max. So they need someone who is careful of small ppl.