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these beautiful beings are nothing but pure light spectrum in humanoid forms. They are so bright that scare away unbounds or anything meaning you harm. They can also send beings that are stuck into the afterlife and are light for these entities. They help those who need hope support and love and will never leave your side. They are pure light and love. Their energy is unlike anything you will ever have experienced. This euphoria inducing beings spread love harmony peace and hope to the entire universe and help you when you need it most. They can pull so much energy in emergencies that they shine brighter than the stars. They have been known in times of duress or upset to pull energy to them and aid in whatever their keeper is needing to occur will show up as if magically so in some way shape of fashion. Their are men and women. Sometimes they choose to show themselves as only orbs of bright light others they will manifest in their humanoid form. This just depends on how they feel or what is needed.