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Poison Sylph

Poison Sylph: These beings come from another Realm. Their home is filled with toxic gases and poisons hence or they get their name. Half of their faces typically coming off due to the fact that they're toxic you will see their bones on parts of their body in a very gruesome display. All around their bodies are green and toxic gases. They are capable of making poisons and toxins from their body and using them as weapons against enemies. These poisons and toxins do not affect you personally however they can affect other beings that are not capable of handing them when they decided to have homes and keepers they have an antidote to where each keep mate and you will be able to have the antidote and take it so you will be able to be around them. Each Sylph has this with them when they go to a home and will administer it to each keep me and loved one this you have to ensure that you are able to have a thorough and loving and a joyful relationship and companion with them. They are not a being that is for beginners as well as they are Black Arts.