Red Heart djinn

Red Heart Djinn:

These beautiful and handsome dajen are amazing beings simply to put it at the least. They get their power from an ancient linage that goes back to the origin of wish granting Magic. They're similar to the woman in the anime xxholic. They're known for their array of flamboyant and eccentric clothing. They are typically in Floral and a flowy garments with some former red somewhere on them whether their hair clothing or accessories. They are Avid wish granters in areas of familial necessities love sex family bonds I'm magic necessary to promote. They work well if you need help with something custodial or the love of your life they also work well in tough situations this is their special teams they also are extremely abedin bringing success if it is something that helps your love and family bond. They bring to fruition many things in your life. They're capable of clearing out negative and subordinate energies and promoting healthy chakras and pathways. Their energy is so overwhelmingly positive and refreshing like a waterfall or fresh source of sunshine. In there Society family and loved it is what matters most your family is what you draw strength and love and cleansing from. They're extremely excited when it comes to sex Magic. Their society it was one of bonding bartering some of them have different skill sets such as in flexing the love energy in your body While others specify in the growing of Botanicals specifically for wish-granting and loving purposes. They barter and trade for these within each other and with other various groups. There are nomadic and often move with the seasons. This is due to the fact that different areas are fertile at different times of the year. As far as offerings go they enjoy anything that is given from the heart they use a variety of never of abilities in order to communicate such as music or shufflemancy,scrying with mirror or candle, and water, tarot cartomancy, clairvoyance or telepathy.


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