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Saturnian Demon

This specific type of demon or demoness is from a rare race that was able to bilocate and plain walk from their home that was originally in the abyss. Their home is always shot in the darkness however they wanted to escape the abysmal realm and make their way to somewhere else so precisely 1.1 million years ago as of June 21st in earthen time they immigrated to Saturn. This was extremely difficult at first as many of their kind died prior to adaptation however once they adapted to the atmospheric differentials they have been able to create a unique set of skills unlike any other demon that you might come across. They can utilize the atmosphere to create poisons and Potions as well as to use at for Magic which helps them survive in many different ways. Saturn is also the planet of the witches and the ruling House of those who practice witchcraft this makes them extremely skilled in spell casting, rituals and rites, astrology and numerology. They are Adept practitioners in areas of necromancy and aeromancy. They can use Dream Magic in order to assist you and lucidity as well as in order to help you with various goals that you have Dream Magic wise. They are often blind unskilled in some form of hand-to-hand combat and weaponry combat skills. Some of them do you know medicine skills and healing abilities.