Solar Flare Giants

These beautiful and peaceful Giants make amazing counselors mediators ambassadors as well as our a class of merchants who typically barter for their goods or they are bards who sing and use musical magics and everything they do. They're very versatile beings who grow up in a desert like area known as the solar flare desert it is extremely hot dry and bright with light energy. They typically have an affinity for fire or severe empaths as well as they are extremely tall standing at 7 Foot 5 in for males and 6ft 9in for females. They try their best to get along with most of everyone they are very considerate beings who are gentle and comforting in their guidance. They tend to dress and armor so that way if they ever are out and about and someone tries to hurt them they're protected. They do have pointed animal like ears and even hace tails with beauitful etheral facial looks. They live in giant rock like formations in the cliffs in the solar flare desert. Their homes are extremely comfortable to them and they are a very social community that has their own forms of holidays festivals and religious activities that are Traditions from when they first made their way into the astral Realm that have been passed down for Generations of their people.


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