Updated: Aug 2, 2019

These Intergalactic beings are highly intelligent but they reside on the Sun. Coming from the word solar or Sol which in Latin means light. They are unique and have iridescent skin tones due to how much sun they take in. They live off of solar energy and light and that is how they feed. It is very complex on how they live on the sun and off of it. However, one could consider it as symbiotic relationship.Their planet is named Solaria which means light planet. They have various personalities and various types of magic ranging from White all the way to chaotic. Most of them know solar magic candle scrying and pyromancy. They are able to learn new types of magic as well. They are very excited to learn more about our planet and how we live as well as teach us too. They enjoy offerings of candles, sweet treats and dessert style incenses or oils. They enjoy mica, bismuth, rainbow quartz, peacock ore, asurite, and other brightly colored gemstones or those with "flash". They are notorious for their ring that circles their head and worship of Saturn.


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