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Store Policy

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Order processing:

Processing can take up to three days due to some payments. We process orders in the order they are received. This is one step of our process.

PayPal is usually 1-3 days as all other methods are usually 24hours to a week. We thank you for your patience at this time. 

This can take time so thank you for patience.

Time length:

Servitors objects of power and portal keys as well as little Demonics and blood bournes and sleeps guards or sleeps or perfections collections can take up to two months to be completed.

Spirit bindings and conjures:

can take a week to two months  to be finished. We bind by energy of the being and by your energy this can occasionally be felt. We also do this based on your soul to create a unique experience and only have beings that truly want you as a keeper. We check our binds thoroughly and only bind willing and consenting beings. Our bindings do have anti tampering and we can say that no one is able to read them accurately other than the keeper and us due to the way we bind. 

How we Bind: 

I do my bindings like this: I use a form of grounding first to cleanse my mind and ground myself. I then focus on you with my telepathic abilities and I focus on the being I use all three of our energies to safely mesh them(this does mean that if your in tune you may feel their energy when I do the binding). It creates a fate and tethering bind which ensures the being has all of its power and energy as well as free will. I do not bind using a certain kind of energy I bind using the beings and you as the clients energy. It creates a beneficial bind that as you grow intune or work with your being you will feel one another more often. It also ensures both of your all's protection as well as ensures the being if it is living entity does not pass on. If the entity is passed on this ensures they can choose to follow you or go on their way. This is a very sacred bind and i use two methods to receive their information telepathy or a Ouija board. Due to the fact of how I was raised and my past I do not have a normal perception on life and death. I go by what the spirits choose to reveal if they are a living entity it states in shop in their descriptions as well as it is going to be added to information when purchased if they consider themselves living or passed on. Demontrious is the same way. 

Layaway and Reserves: 

Amaranth offers reserves and Layaway these are the policy. Reserves: I allow reserves and will hold until your first payday only. I will hold for a total of one month at Max. After this I will repost the product.


I offer layaway for 10% down and 12 month payment plan. If you don't pay at the agree point in time then you void your contract. If you come to me beforehand we can discuss how to not lose your layaway items.


we do not so refunds and will come to another solution if an issue occurs. Results can vary and by any purchase you are agreeing to this.


can take a month or more plus delivery due to time for preparing and ensuring it is set well and the product. 

Art and Jewelry and psychical vessels:

This can can between one week to a month for product delivery and completion of your order.


These can take a week to two weeks for results completion and delivery.

Sexual and Black arts beings:

We do not sell or condone purchases of these to anyone under 18 years of age. We do verify to age energy and soul for capability of handling a being. This includes even if you dm and request it.

Rehoming and other issues:

While this is not something I would enjoy. We will go to every length to ensure your safety and rehome unbind and do whatever is necessary to ensure nothing bad happens. We will even go extra steps and immediately start work in this sort of event.


This is for entertaining purposes only. if you decide to purchase a dangerous being you can not hold anyone in our store or in this server and accept all risks and dangers that can occur. You are able to optionally ask us to include wards on any being as a choice however we like giving the option to our consumers for no safety nets or wards on your being this is a personal preference and your decision entirely. You agree to purchasing at your own risk. By purchasing our apothecary products you acknowledge that none of our employees or individuals can be held responsible. All art us not ours and is not used to make a profit but only used as a visual. 

PA: our current wait time is around 4 to 5 months unless it is a preconjures/ premade servitors or some spellwork psychical items and readings. This is due to backlog as well as we have had some technical issues and deaths in our family. We are working as quickly as possible to get through backlogged orders. Once we get past these we will update this.