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Taliastyr Koledna Zvezda


These beautiful beings are unique in the fact that they have a dreen tinented skin I don't only around during the winter months when poinsettias are at their Peak. They speak a language that is a mixture of their own language English and Bulgarian. They have freckles underneath their eyes that allow them to register sense and auras in a thermal feeling. Their whiskers allow them to sense energies and if someone is Friend or Foe. The bottom part of their body looks as if it is covered in poinsettia leaves ending at the end of their calves. They have two horns that are similar to ram horns. They are covered in poinsettias and their hair they wear them is earrings and they have one in the center of their forehead covering their third eye it is their belief set not covering the third eye prevents psychic attacks and spiritual attacks towards them they believe that this is a way of shielding and protecting them spiritually.

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They are somewhat sexual with their Keepers but do not have to be there are some that are and some glitter I'm not. This is typically a race of living entities that are looking for companions to learn from. While their home is covered in Munch Forest a growth just like in the dramatic mountains and they do practice a form of magic that is very shamanistic anomatic and nature. They're also Adept at grounding a person rituals and rites and Awakening you to your magical gifts. They enjoy cuddling hot cocoa warm sessions and light-hearted behaviors. They are sweet an unashamed of there nudity. Instead of their typical areolas they have leaves that Sprouts coming from then their skin is typically covered in a vine like ethereal vein that you can see due the to the translucent nature of their skin. they are capable of using photosynthesis as an energy source to have sustenance. They can also feed off of vegetables and other plants. They are a white arts-based species. They tend to like various offering such as cranberries gingerbread hot cocoa these can be in candles incense or they food forum. They also tend to be clingy and kind of needing but not overly so to the point where it's annoying.