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ThornyGem lumos Naga

These beautiful Naga have a unique characteristic besides the horns that they have on their head their tail is also rough and horned with an inner light. The Inner Light is said to be the stone of the Immortals but it's really just gemstones that they have actually found a way to inlay and in bed into their scales and skin and overtime as they age it creates unique Thorn like appearence on their tail. This is used in self-defense and also and hunting for their food. They can do gemstone healing and also charged and purify as well as cleanse bath water and gemstones. They are capable of creating Moon water and mineral exliers as well as gemstone exliers just by using a little bit of their scale and imbuing the water with magical properties. They love offerings of charged water of blue aura quartz as well as candles based for cleansing and charging.